John McColgan is a professional drummer based out of Montreal, Quebec. He has been a part of the national and international music scene for close to forty years. During this time he has had the opportunity to play around the world, in a wide variety of musical styles on stages big and small, with many known artists such as Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Buddy Guy, Michel Pagliaro and many more. He has worked as a session musician on over thirty albums in his career, including The McGarrigle Hour and Gogh Van Go, both Juno award winning releases. He continues to be in demand for concerts, tours and recording projects.

Currently freelancing and playing gigs in and around Montreal, working on the new version of his instructional book, Groove and Technique for online publication, and working on for various recording projects.

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Drum Teacher


What does drumming mean to you? Rhythmic explorations, the joys of making big sound, the satisfaction of learning the basics, the pleasures of laying down a groove.

Or do you have a reperatoire to learn for a band? John’s myriad of musical experiences makes him the perfect guide for learning songs in any musical style you care to name.

Whatever you are into, John will take you there and beyond. You'll love his passion, his patience and his understanding of the finer points of the instrument.

He is currently accepting a limited number of new students, from beginners to accomplished musicians. Click for more info:




In 2011 John McColgan founded JMC Studio, located in the heart of the Mile-End area of Montréal. He has since gone on to produce, record and mix many artists, including the Folk Music Award winning CD Count the Wicked by duo Mama’s Broke. He puts his years of experience as a session drummer to use on the “other side of the glass”, creating a relaxed, intimate atmosphere for musicians to create in. He has recently renovated the studio and upgraded his equipment, which includes the Universal Audio Apollo interface and plug-ins, AKG Microphones and Golden Age pre-amps. Below are a few of the projects he has worked on.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch or find out more.



Things are getting busy here at JMC studio this fall, with two recording projects coming up and a full teaching schedule lining up. Never too late to get in touch however… For gigs, drum lessons, or recording projects, please give me a shout.

I am also working on the new online, expanded version of my book, Groove and Technique, which will be available hopefully by the new year.

I would also like to thank the many photographers who have contributed here:

Manon Oullette, Rik Roe, Marilyn Stringer, Al Larriviere, Frank Muggianu, Mikel Samel and Jane Edwards.

Coming soon! Instructional video, including downloadable pdf files of drum excercises, grooves and riffs! Stay tuned…

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