One of John’s best qualities is his ability to put you at ease and get the best performance from you.

Carl Rufh - Durham County Poets and Jabbour

JMC Studio

I founded JMC Studio in 2011. Working with other musicians, producing, recording and mixing, has given me the opportunity to be creative on a whole new level. I look forward to building on the knowledge I’ve acquired and working in as many genres of music as I can. It is something I have wanted to do for over 15 years now, and it is a true joy to be able to work and create in this way.

I have set up my studio to create a warm inviting atmosphere, in which there aren’t walls, actual or virtual, between myself and the performers. I am equally comfortable creating music in the moment as i am during a ”construction” style editing process which i have become very accomplished at using Logic Pro audio software. I am able to offer affordable rates, and am available for recording projects with a modest budget.

In 2011, I began work recording and producing the debut CD of local blues and roots group, The Durham County Poets, followed by a CD for folk group No Family. In 2014 I produced, recorded, mixed and provided drumming for the critically acclaimed sophomore CD by the Durham County Poets, Chikkaboodah Stew. I recorded and mixed the debut release by the country/roots group Mama's Broke, the Canadian folk music award winning Count the Wicked.

See more of my recording projects below, with audio clips.

Featured Recording Projects



Saint Bernard, May, 2019

My role: producer, recording, mixing

“From the moment John greeted me at the door to his studio I could feel that we were going to do great things together. He brought out the best in all the musicians that participated in our recording project. As engineer, he was well-equipped, creative, patient and focused. As producer, he was that coach that pushes you to be the best you can be without settling for less. Working at JMC Studio contributed to my artistic evolution in becoming a more experienced studio musician. Thanks for everything, John!”

-Guillaume Jabbour (Jabbour)


Grimshaw Road, 2017

My role: recording, production, mixing, drumming

“Producing an album is by no means an easy job. You need a visionary who can help you achieve your objective in the way you want but can also inject with confidence their own unique stamp on your sound. A director who understands not only song structure, but also rhythm, groove and how to get a song to sit in the pocket regardless of style or genre.

…Attributes like patience, understanding, inspiring, persistence, communication skills and professionalism are a must. The ability to lead, but also to listen with an open mind to help the artist or artists attain the best finished product they can…

John McColgan is all of the above and more. After three awesome albums under his direction he has been a inspiration to me, my band, and a musical peer that I will always look up to. If you want to enlist the best. John's your man.”

-Neil Elsmore (Songwriter & guitarist for Durham County Poets)


Count the Wicked, 2017

My role: recording and mixing


Keep My Devil Down, 2015

My role: Recording, production, mixing

“I've had the pleasure of working with John on several different recording projects, most notably on a documentary film featuring my band, in which he was hired as both producer and sound engineer for the live music recording that was done in the house where the film was taking place. It was a wonderful experience and his approach was so great, both in terms of the sound (remaining authentic to the style of music we play), as well as creating a really nice working environment. Really awesome memories of that project!”

-Amy Goldberg (No Family & Childfire)


Where the River Flows, 2012

My role: recording, production, mixing

“Recording can be a nerve-racking experience especially the first few times. One of John’s best qualities is his ability to put you at ease and get the best performance from you. You don’t feel that glass divide between you and the control room. You’ll walk away with a great album. It’s a no stress, easy peasy feeling. I’ve done many albums with John and love to work with him.”

-Carl Rufh (Durham County Poets, Jabbour)

Other Recording Projects

BluesReel, Riverfield, 2015 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

David Sherman, When the Time Comes, 2019 -production, recording, mixing, drumming

Grouyan Gombo, Pooyie, 2015 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

Jitterbug Swing, Live, 2016 - mixing

Sherman and Lee, Lost and Found 2014 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

Durham County Poets, Chikkaboudha Stew, 2014 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

Justin Saladino Band, The Naked Robbers, 2012 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

Justin Saladino Band, Sometimes Called the Blues - 2011 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

No Family, No Family, 2011 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

Isabel Belina, The Boy and the River, 2016 - production, recording, mixing, drumming

Isabel Belina, Mes Quatres Saisons, 2017 - production, recording, mixing

“I was planning to make a children's cd of my compositions in 2015-16. I had developed some recording ideas of my own having learned from working on my two previous cd's. For my 3rd cd I needed someone with technical know-how, creative ideas, but someone who was also willing to be a collaborator and not just a controller of the whole project. It meant that I wanted a creative conversation in order to make the songs the best they could be without breaking the bank. I am very happy with my cd, Boy and the River. And I am grateful to John for helping me make it. It was a very positive and happy experience from start to finish.”

-Isabel Belina

For a full list of my credits, please consult Wikipedia

Upcoming release

David Sherman’s new cd.

As yet untitled, I am busy putting the finishing touches on a new cd by this Montreal singer songwriter. Release date TBA!

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